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    An ultimate Italian dining experience like no other
    Located in the quaint surroundings of Hampden Square in North London, Sopranos is a place for fine dining and authentic regional Italian cuisine.

    Sopranos interior combines elegance with the traditional warmth and old-fashioned charm expected from a family run Italian restaurant. Clusters of framed family photos adorn the walls alongside a selection of vintage wines showcased next to our wine cellar.

    From its Tuscan-inspired interior to 100-year old recipes featuring on the menu, Sopranos exudes authenticity and is proud to offer its guests a superior dining experience.


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    The food served at Sopranos is based on the traditional Italian kitchen. Our fresh ingredients are a main focus for us bringing a lightness and balance to our dining experience. We also pride ourselves on our home-made bread.

    Our menu, which is based on 4 components- antipasti, pasta, secondi (mains) and dessert, evolves on a weekly basis and reflects not only the seasons, but where our chefs are ‘at’ during that moment in time.

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    • Best Italian food your find in north London, the service is amassing they make you feel right at home, and the best thing if its its to cold to leave the house they bring there food right to your door step. couldn't recommend it any higher !!!
      14th February 2017
      Sam Barlow
      Sam Barlow
    • Lovely lovely people in this family run restaurant and the food was superb. Lobster linguine omg fabulous!
      16th February 2017
      Val Mustafa
      Val Mustafa
    • Beautiful food run by beautiful people the best!
      16th March 2017
      Helena Philippou
      Helena Philippou
    • Great food & service. A good evening was had by all & we will be back.

      16th March 2017

      Howard Sinclair
      Howard Sinclair